Thursday, 7 January 2010


Ok here it is:

Olly of the Wollies tagged me onto a New Year's resolutions list, and I thought it was a good idea, so even though it's a bit late for it, here is my (almost fully illustrated!) list. (I could barely find more than 5 things to list, but i suppose this is a good sign of how content i am with my life!)

1 - Redesign Illusian - Yay! I have already started this, and it will be finished very soon! But here's a sneak peek:

2 - Experiment more with illustration styles and subjects.

3 - Learn Maya completely! - Yes I have already started learning, and right now i can model silly little pieces like this one:

4 - Start my film (There can be no more excuses anymore!) - Yes, I'm planning to do my film in 3D, so until I learn Maya completely, I can't really start it... but it still can't be an excuse, and i have to get my head together and finish all pre-production!

5 - Get back to animating, even just for little tests or maybe virals. - I must say i do miss those times of sleepless nights spent on a lightbox/wacom tablet... :)

6 - Start attending animation festivals. - I know they'll cost me a fortune, but i should start saving money already for those kind of occasions...

7 - Stop getting scared of every little thing! - Yes, i'm scared of pretty much every thing, and mostly hurting myself... which stops me from giving all my might into physical activities... It's time i do something about it!

8 - Buy a proper camera, and start working on my composition skills via taking photos.

9 - Spend more time practising my flute and hopefully my cello...

10 - And finally, work more on my crafting skills! - This here, is Richard the Hammerhead shark, although he's not quite finished. I will take more photos of him once he gets some teeth!


Ok, since it might be a bit pointless to get non-blogging people to do this, i guess i'll have to just pass it onto anyone who's following my blog! If you make one however, let me know! :)

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  1. Good resolutions! Much better than mine I dare see. Looking forward to seeing the film ;-)