Friday, 18 December 2009

And Week 23!

Ok, it seems too long time without drawing's not good for me. Once i start, it all floods in again :P I'm very happy with this; with the character design and a crow being involved (i love them!) so i might actually do a series of them like a story book.

I used one of the awesome textures of princess-of-shadows at DA

By the way, my leisure cat series hasn't come to an end yet, I will continue drawing the rest as soon as possible.

A break from the break (Also Week 22)

I'm on holiday right now, and also have started to learn Maya, and it takes pretty much all my time, so I took a break from illustrating for a while. But this came out nowhere while listening to Erik Satie, so it had to be drawn :)

-Hopefully I'll be submitting some cgi stuff soon!-

Thursday, 3 December 2009


I'm on holiday and won't be drawing for a while. I've started learning a new software in the meantime and have some minor projects I need to work on. But I will return to my illustrations before too long.