Friday, 22 January 2010


My website is finally finished except for some minor technical problems, and we're working on it. But the website is out and running pretty smoothly, and my showreel 2010 is now on there too. When i return to UK i'll make another version, since most of my footage's left there, but this will have to do for now.

Currently i'm working on little rotoscope animations for a website, which takes most of my time. So until it's finished it seems i won't be able to finish any illustration for the time being... But keep watching and have a look at my website in the meantime!

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Went to see a Chagall exhibition today; i never knew he illustrated books. As well as Gogol's Les Ames Mortes, he has illustrated La Fontaine's stories (in a rather dark way too!).

The exhibition was very inspiring, along with his ink line drawings, these were i think my favorite:

His use of dirty, smudgy black with locational vibrant colours is fantastic, and who would think this style would be so perfect for children's illustration...

The following weren't in the exhibition, but i came across them while looking into Chagall more, and they're so beautiful i thought i should share!

“Le Lion s'eu allaut eu guerre”

Chagall's ceiling at the Paris Opera House

And now back to my to do list -> smudge is good, smudge is friend, smudge things a little!!! :)

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Ok here it is:

Olly of the Wollies tagged me onto a New Year's resolutions list, and I thought it was a good idea, so even though it's a bit late for it, here is my (almost fully illustrated!) list. (I could barely find more than 5 things to list, but i suppose this is a good sign of how content i am with my life!)

1 - Redesign Illusian - Yay! I have already started this, and it will be finished very soon! But here's a sneak peek:

2 - Experiment more with illustration styles and subjects.

3 - Learn Maya completely! - Yes I have already started learning, and right now i can model silly little pieces like this one:

4 - Start my film (There can be no more excuses anymore!) - Yes, I'm planning to do my film in 3D, so until I learn Maya completely, I can't really start it... but it still can't be an excuse, and i have to get my head together and finish all pre-production!

5 - Get back to animating, even just for little tests or maybe virals. - I must say i do miss those times of sleepless nights spent on a lightbox/wacom tablet... :)

6 - Start attending animation festivals. - I know they'll cost me a fortune, but i should start saving money already for those kind of occasions...

7 - Stop getting scared of every little thing! - Yes, i'm scared of pretty much every thing, and mostly hurting myself... which stops me from giving all my might into physical activities... It's time i do something about it!

8 - Buy a proper camera, and start working on my composition skills via taking photos.

9 - Spend more time practising my flute and hopefully my cello...

10 - And finally, work more on my crafting skills! - This here, is Richard the Hammerhead shark, although he's not quite finished. I will take more photos of him once he gets some teeth!


Ok, since it might be a bit pointless to get non-blogging people to do this, i guess i'll have to just pass it onto anyone who's following my blog! If you make one however, let me know! :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


A late happy new year everyone: I have been too busy meeting friends that I haven't seen for ages, and couldn't get to do any work at all. But there's a -late again- Xmas animation made by Rowan Gray and me! And here's the character design of our little Jack Frost!
I will be back very shortly with new illustrations and some new projects.
Ah, by the way, Illusian V3.0 is coming out soon! I'll keep you updated! (For those who are not aware, is my portfolio website)