Sunday, 17 January 2010


Went to see a Chagall exhibition today; i never knew he illustrated books. As well as Gogol's Les Ames Mortes, he has illustrated La Fontaine's stories (in a rather dark way too!).

The exhibition was very inspiring, along with his ink line drawings, these were i think my favorite:

His use of dirty, smudgy black with locational vibrant colours is fantastic, and who would think this style would be so perfect for children's illustration...

The following weren't in the exhibition, but i came across them while looking into Chagall more, and they're so beautiful i thought i should share!

“Le Lion s'eu allaut eu guerre”

Chagall's ceiling at the Paris Opera House

And now back to my to do list -> smudge is good, smudge is friend, smudge things a little!!! :)


  1. I love his work! I like the second picture you put up, it looks almost like caligraphy!

  2. It's so beautiful isn't it! There was also an old TV interview with him shown at the exhibition, and the presenter woman asks him to draw something on a canvas for the watchers... his lines were (of course) so confident, so beautiful, it melted me :)