Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Week 13

I was so annoyed with the file corruption, I decided not to work on the same illustration for a while... So I've done something completely different instead. Different to any other styles I've tried so far too. So here is the girl with the ghost cat :) (I will try to make it up for the last week, and finish the corrupted illustration this week too. So hopefully I'll post another image soon.)

P.S.: The textures I used can be found at here, here and here.


  1. Cok degisik bi calisma olmus!! I really like it :D I think you should experiment more with this style, I can see real nice graphic design married illustration coming out of this :D

  2. :) Hihi, tesekkurler!!
    I'll definately do more stuff with this style; lately I've been too caught up with the concept arty, speed paint sort of illustrations, so i think it was due time i did some changes anyway. Yes, let's hope something nice comes out of it!