Sunday, 5 July 2009

It begins...

To start with, I thought I'd put up some of my older illustrations first.
Some examples of my personal illustrations:

This one was inspired by a dream I had about a year ago. The building on the background is a train station in Kadikoy, my hometown in Istanbul. Every other element (The cranes, the balloon) are also can be seen in various places in Kadikoy, i just decided to cram them together in one image.

After reading Alexander Pushkin again after a long time, my love for solitary places and moods showed itself. I have a little animation of this image on my showreel too:

Character designs for my next animation. Once I get some time and hopefully some funding, I will start this project.

This one came out just as a practise of texture and layer mode use.

One of the favorite games of Turkish boys - leap frog. And quite often these kids I see have a tuft of white hair, I wonder why?

I made this one for my illustration class, quite a few years ago. it's the only traditional media illustration in this list. (Acrylics on paper)

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